Eko Dance Project began as a spontaneous experiment in 2011 and in October 2012 it become a real project directed by Pompea Santoro, one of the most important dancers in the International field of contemporary dance. For 25 years she danced in the most prestigious theaters in the world as a soloist and principal dancer of the Cullberg Ballet, famous for its choreographer Mats Ek and the exceptional quality of its dancers with a preparation of both classical and contemporary dance.
At her side was her husband Veli Peltokallio, who shared with her his years as a soloist and principal dancer of the Cullberg Ballet.
Eko Dance is based on new artistic and professional educational programs, to facilitate the use of culture, to disseminate and promote the knowledge and practice of dance among young audiences. For it’s dancers, already graduated or who could not finish their academic path, Eko Dance provides an opportunity for growth.
Eko Dance offers all the instruments you need before entering to a professional company and become a professional dancer.

Eko Dance International Project is a professional training course open to young dancers and choreographers willing to improve their own artistic and technical skills. It started as an experiment in Turin, by an idea of Pompea Santoro, famous dancer of the Cullberg Ballet and Mats Ek’s assistant. The mission of the Eko project is to lead dancers into a self-knowledge of their body and their expressive potential with the help of Ek’s repertoire. In addition to the ballet lesson and Ek’s repertoire, young dancers deal also with new contemporary choreographers, through this they can explore all the aspects of the dance profession and get invaluable stage experience. In Pompea’s vision, the use of contemporary repertoire helps to open the mind, to find the joy of dance and empower the self-confidence. The daily training is strictly based on ballet technic, Pompea believes that an appropriate and pure study of ballet can open a door to contemporary without any additional technics, therefore she has created her on training based on Logic, Expressive, Natural, Arms, Coordination. L.E.N.A.C.

Eko Dance International project is based in Torino Italy
Strada del Fortino 20